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VeriFone MX850

VeriFone MX850 Designed for demanding multi-lane environments, the MX850 has a powerful payment processing engine, a convenient keypad for secure PIN entry, an ultra-crisp color display, and outstanding durability making it the clear choice for retailers.

The PCI PED approved MX850 securely handles transactions in seconds, while also delivering a dazzling array of brand reinforcement, cross-promotional messages and even consumer disclosures directly to consumers.

With its scratch-resistant touch screen, non-mechanical stylus, customizable trim plate and laser-etched keypad, the MX850 is built to last for years.

Field replaceable modules, expansion slots, and a USB port further future-proof the MX850 and allow the addition of contactless and smart card payment or other capabilities as new technologies emerge.

Manufacturer: VeriFone Category: Payment Terminal Tags: Point-of-Sale, Transaction Terminal

Product Models

Part Number Description Price Cart M090-209-00R VeriFone (M090-209-00R) MX850 Payment Device [SC TCH and Line Out] $503.13 $503.13 In stock TotalBarcode.com Add To Cart M094-207-01-R VeriFone (M094-207-01-R) MX850 Payment Device [TCH, SIG, Ethernet PCI PED 2.x] $473.18 $473.18 In stock TotalBarcode.com Add To Cart

Discontinued Product Models

Part Number Description Price Cart M094-207-00-R VeriFone (M094-207-00-R) MX850 Payment Device [TECH, Ethernet, No SIG Capture] Please Call $481.25 In stock TotalBarcode.com See Product

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