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Mobile Computer technologies is a rapid-growth industry. The norm a year ago was a handheld batch-collection computer, and just as quickly is becoming smart phone technology with custom built applications specially molded to fit the requirements of your business. Both of these options are viable, you just need to figure out what will work best for you.

Most mobile computers and batch terminals come with the manufacturers proprietary software installed on either an Android or Windows platform. The software on the mobile computer will communicate with your office inventory system, send and organize all of the data you've captured, and distribute it appropriately into the inventory software linked to your POS system.

The price of pre-programmed mobile computers is quite a bit higher than your standard smart phone because you're already receiving a complete package. Smart phones require a data plan, carrier contract, and paying a company to build an application for your business to use. While it will be completely customized, that customization comes with a relatively higher cost.

If you have questions about what mobile computers and systems are compatible with each other, we would recommend you call our expert sales staff. They can guide you in selecting the device that will accomplish all of your goals for an inventory logging and tracking system. We pride ourselves on having the lowest average price on our selection of mobile computers, and will work with you to try and price match the same product found on another website.

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