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Manual cash drawers don't require power to operate, and have a lock and key so they can be moved to multiple locations safely. A manual cash drawer is perfect for small, or individual businesses that are demonstrating products on a show floor, or at a convention. Electronically-driven cash drawers open when a signal is sent from the printer to the cash drawer, confirming that a sale has been made, and the drawer will open to allow the employee to place the tendered currency inside the drawer.

Standard, or medium-duty, cash drawers are a best fit for businesses that aren't processing transactions constantly, but have more staggered business throughout the day. Standard cash drawers aren't made with as high-quality components as a heavy-duty drawer, but that helps keep the price down. Heavy-duty cash drawers are made of high-quality, durable components, meant to withstand non-stop use on a daily basis. This type of cash drawer is purchased for supermarkets and large retail establishments that are often open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Total Barcode is committed to providing the lowest cost, highest quality cash drawers on the market. Talk to one of our sales reps, and we'll try to price match the competition.

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