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Barcode labels are an integral part of any successful business. Barcodes allow the business to see which items sell the fastest, and should be constantly reordered, and which items sell slowly, and can be prevented from over-ordering. Labels also allow shipped packages to link information about the item(s) being shippped, destination, etc.

The majority of labels are adhesive stickers. They range in size from large shipping labels, like on a UPS package or a pallet of goods, to extremely small, like jewelry labels used on diamond rings. There are also label tags, which you find inserted into the shelving that holds products. Tags are non-adhesive, and normally include information about the product, including price, UPC, and cost per unit. Tags are also used to advertise to customers when products go on sale.

Many manufacturers have proprietary labels that they want used with their brand of printer, but many of these brands can be used interchangeably because their labels are similar in size. If you aren't sure whether a label type that you want will work with your label printer, call our knowledgeable, professional sales staff, and we will make sure you get the right labels the first time.

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