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Most people don't realize this today, but receipts are legal documents. In the United States, receipts are required by law for businesses and individuals as proof that an exchange of goods took place. Receipt printers are available in either impact or thermal models, with a few accessories you'll want to be aware of.

Your standard impact printer works best in retail environments where you want to ensure your customer has a copy of their receipt. Thermal printers have sleek, speedy receipt roll out, and easily scanned barcodes. They are massive time-savers for any business where you want to move customers through the check-out process as efficiently as possible. When you're shopping for a receipt printer for your business, there are a few key items to keep in mind. Are you looking for a thermal printer, or do you want an impact printer? If the printer will be used in a kitchen, thermal paper can be affected by the heat, so impact printers are your best friend in this type of environment. A front desk, bar, or service counter are great locations for thermal printers.

Always check and make sure you're getting the printer model with the correct interface cable for your POS system. Lastly, when it comes to capacity of sales, make sure you're getting a receipt printer with the right speed for your business. An autocutter can be just the thing to move the line of customers along at the perfect pace. Total Barcode has the top brands of receipt printers, at the lowest prices. If we aren't surpassing our competitors, give our sales team a call and find out if we can price match a POS system for you.

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