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Nitek VH439 Video Hub

Nitek VH439 Video Hub 4 Port Video Balun Mini-Hub with built-in surge suppression.

System operates with other NITEK UTP video equipment including, Video Balun Hubs, standard Video Balun Transceivers or Active Receivers.

The VH439 Video Balun Mini-Hub is a multi-channel video transmission device that provides a low cost means of sending quality live video over category UTP cabling.

The system can also adapt to existing communication and computer network spare pairs.

The VH439 can send video up to 1,000 feet when used with other products in the VB37 or VB39 family (750 feet when used with DVR equipment).

When used with model TR515 or TR560 active receivers, distances of 1,500 feet and 3,000 feet respectively can be attained.

The VH439 is designed to provide superior immunity from noise and interference, such as RFI and EMI.

Manufacturer: Nitek Category: Video Security Tags: Video Security, Video Hub

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