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Nitek EX1120 Twisted Pair Video System

Nitek EX1120 Twisted Pair Video System The EX1120 is a complete Twisted Pair Video system made up of a TR1120 receiver unit and a TT1120 transmitter unit.

The system is designed to operate over Category 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 twisted pair cable.

It works well over existing communication, computer network spare pairs, or new cable installations.

A highly balanced transmitter output assures that the system will not interfere with other network equipment.

Advanced receiver and transmitter electronics provide optimum video quality and complete immunity from ground loop, hum and noise.

Both the transmitter and receiver provide adjustment for gain and frequency compensation allowing the system to be finetuned for the cable.

These unique adjustments provide optimum performance over the entire operating range of the system and allow cable lengths to be estimated with a wide safety margin

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