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Elo 2239L LCD Touchmonitor

Elo 2239L LCD Touchmonitor The 2239L open-frame touchmonitor delivers a cost-effective touch solution for OEMs and systems integrators, and complements Elo's expanded family of touch solutions for gaming and amusement, retail self-service and kiosk applications.

This compact 3000-series touchmonitor is designed for touch, with Elo's proven expertise and reliability built-in, not added as an afterthought by altering an existing monitor.

The 2239L features a brilliant wide-viewing-angle LCD panel to instantly grab and hold the user's attention, whether they are checking out retail goods with a self-service kiosk or playing games in a casino or arcade.

Because the enclosure is controlled by Elo's specifications and tooling, Elo's open-frame monitors have a long-lasting product cycle, which is important to maintain continuity through all phases of project rollouts a

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