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Adtran NetVanta 4305

Adtran NetVanta 4305 The NetVanta 4305 is an access router designed for cost-effective Internet access, corporate Frame Relay, point-to-point connectivity, and Virtual Private Networking (VPN) for large-bandwidth applications supporting up to eight T1s worth of performance.

Residing in a 1U high, 19 inch rackmountable metal enclosure, the NetVanta 4305 is a single platform that offers three interface slots and two 10/100Base-T Ethernet LAN ports for true LAN segmentation or DMZ applications.

Initially, the NetVanta 4305 will house a variety of Network Interface Modules (NIMs): 56/64kbps, T1/FT1, T1/FT1 with DSX-1, Dual T1, E1/FE1, E1/FE1 with G.703, Serial, and an Octal T1 Wide Module.

Manufacturer: Adtran Category: telcom Tags: Data Networking, WAN

Product Models

Part Number Description Price Cart 1200950L1 Adtran (1200950L1) NetVanta 4305 DC Chassis $1,974.99 $1,974.99 In stock TotalBarcode.com Add To Cart 1202890E1 Adtran (1202890E1) NetVanta 4305 Chassis [Access Router for Frame Relay and Point-to-Point Connectivity - Includes: 2 NIM/DIM Slots for Existing NIMs and DIMs, 1 Slot for a Wide Module and 2 Integral 10/100BaseT Ethernet Ports] $1,974.99 $1,974.99 In stock TotalBarcode.com Add To Cart 4200890E2 Adtran (4200890E2) NetVanta 4305 Chassis [with Enhanced Feature Pack] $2,762.99 $2,762.99 In stock TotalBarcode.com Add To Cart 4200893E1 Adtran (4200893E1) NetVanta 4305 [with OCTAL T1 Wide Module - RoHS] $3,157.99 $3,157.99 In stock TotalBarcode.com Add To Cart

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