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Gryphon Scanner (GPS4400, 2D, RS232/USB, White) - (GPS4490-WH)

Gryphon Scanner (GPS4400, 2D, RS232/USB, White) Description: Gryphon Scanner (GPS4400, 2D, RS232/USB, White) Manufacturer: Datalogic Product Line: Datalogic Gryphon Scanner Part Number: GPS4490-WH Gryphon Scanner (GPS4400, 2D, RS232/USB, White), GPS4490-WH, Scanners / Input Devices, Handheld Scanner MSRP: $390.00 Discount: ($70.20)
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*The displayed image is for the Datalogic Datalogic Gryphon Scanner product line and may not be the exact image of the GPS4490-WH Datalogic Datalogic Gryphon Scanner
The Gryphon reader series has been developed by Datalogic to provide outstanding reading performance and excellent ergonomic design combined with unmatched durability. The balance of top-of-the-range features and extreme versatility of the Gryphon makes it the ultimate solution for many applications in retail as well as in light industrial environments where low resolution and/or damaged codes need to be read without problems. The optimized optics of the Gryphon series allow reading of the most popular standard codes with superior depths of field from near contact to over 43 cm (long range version). The green spot, (Datalogic patent application) produced by the Gryphon provides good reading feedback directly on the code, useful in under-lighted or noisy environments. Gryphon connectivity is now further expanded thanks to the introduction

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