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Aldelo Pro Full Version (Second Station) - (ALDELO2)

Aldelo Pro Full Version (Second Station) Description: Aldelo Pro Full Version (Second Station) Manufacturer: Aldelo Product Line: Aldelo Pro Part Number: ALDELO2 Aldelo Pro Full Version (Second Station), ALDELO2, Software, Software
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*The displayed image is for the Aldelo Aldelo Pro product line and may not be the exact image of the ALDELO2 Aldelo Aldelo Pro
Aldelo restaurant point of sale and management solution gives restaurateurs the tools to have simplicity and efficiency, while saving them mangagment time. <br><br> It is loaded with features great for sit down and counter service restaurants, as well as bars and lounges. <br><br> Features such as 100% Touch point of sale, Cashier and Staff Banking, local gift processing, house accounts, frequent buyer program, inventory and recipe control, labor scheduling and time tracking, interactive guest paging, reservation and seating management, delivery driver tracking and much more are all standard features included at no additional cost.

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