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Ribbons are mostly wax, resin, or a wax/resin combination. These compounds are used to coat and seal images, labels, and receipts against weather, chemicals, and scuffing.

Wax ribbons are the softest material, and have the lowest melting point, using the least amount of energy. As such, wax ribbon provides the least protection, and lowest durability. Wax and resin ribbon combinations contain slightly higher resin content, thus making it slightly more resistant to external elements, but takes more energy to heat and apply the ribbon. Resin ribbons have the highest durability, use the most energy, and require the most heat to melt and apply from the ribbon.

Dependent on what conditions your receipts will be subjected to, will determine whether you need wax, wax/resin, or resin label ribbon. If you are unsure what your business needs are, contact one of Total Barcodes' sales reps, and let them help you choose the the best ribbon option.

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