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Description: Manufacturer: Honeywell Product Line: PTR,PF4I,IND,NONW,PI,32+16,MH, TT203 Part Number: PF4ID03110030020 , PF4ID03110030020, , MSRP: $2,490.00 Discount: ($622.50)
You Save: 25%
Please Call $1,867.50 In stock TotalBarcode.com 1 > > PTR,PF4I,IND,NONW,PI,32+16,MH, TT203
This item has special requirements that require the assistance of a sales representative. Please call 1-877-664-4157 for assistance.
*The displayed image is for the Honeywell PTR,PF4I,IND,NONW,PI,32+16,MH, TT203 product line and may not be the exact image of the PF4ID03110030020 Honeywell PTR,PF4I,IND,NONW,PI,32+16,MH, TT203
Smart, strong and secure, the compact PF4i industrial bar code printer meets the need of mission-critical applications. Its multiple interfaces, secure wireless connectivity (WPA2), CCX and WiFi certification, and support for IPv6 ensure easy integration and long-term scalability. Stand-alone Smart Printing eliminates PC costs and complexity, and enables quick ROI.

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