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Samsung SRD-840 DVR

Samsung SRD-840 DVR The SRD-840 8CH is a standalone DVR that features high recording quality CIF video in real time across all channels.

Each channel can be configured to record quality and privacy masking separately.

In addition, the SRD-840 provides versatile options for web access and remote monitoring using a PC or smartphone, making anytime, anywhere monitoring possible.

Manufacturer: Samsung Opto-Electronics Category: Video Security Tags: Video Security, DVR

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Part Number Description Price Cart SRD-840-3TB Samsung Opto-Electronics (SRD-840-3TB) SRD-840 Standalone DVR [8CH, H.264, 120fps at 4 CIF, 480fps at CIF, 3TB] Please Call $695.78 In stock TotalBarcode.com See Product

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