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Samsung SRD-1670DC DVR

Samsung SRD-1670DC DVR SRD-1670DC is a high performance 16 channel recording solution with embedded Linux and H.264 codec technology.

This DVR records up to 480/400 (NTSC/PAL) fps at 4-CIF resolution.

The SRD-1670DC comes equipped with up the coax support feature and multiple RS-485 protocol support.

Manufacturer: Samsung Opto-Electronics Category: Video Security Tags: Video Security, DVR

Discontinued Product Models

Part Number Description Price Cart SRD-1670DC-500 Samsung Opto-Electronics (SRD-1670DC-500) SRD-1670DC DVR [16 Channel, 500GB, H.264, 480FPS at 4CIF, 480FPS at 2CIF - See SRD-1676D-1TB] Please Call $1,947.22 In stock TotalBarcode.com See Product

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