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Nitek TR515 Active Receiver

Nitek TR515 Active Receiver Live video transmission for operation over twisted pair or Cat 5 cables.

Both the TR515 and TR560 are designed for operation over Category 2 or better twisted pair cable and require the use of a NITEK transmitter unit.

The units work equally well over existing communication and computer network spare pairs, or new cable installations.

Advanced receiver electronics provide complete immunity from ground loop, hum and noise to produce maximum video quality with virtually no loss.

A dip switch on the unit provides precise adjustment of gain and frequency compensation, allowing the system to be fine-tuned for any cable.

This unique feature provides easy adjustment for optimum performance over the entire operating range and also allows cable length to be estimated with a wide safety margin, when bidding CCTV twisted pair transmission jobs.

Manufacturer: Nitek Category: Video Security Tags: Video Security, Accessory

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