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Elo 15M1 VuPoint All-in-One Touchcomputer

Elo 15M1 VuPoint All-in-One Touchcomputer VuPoint truly makes healthcare more connected.

The integrated communications and computing platform is purpose-built for medical and healthcare environments designed to deliver patient-centric services such as entertainment, information and other services such as electronic medical records.

It is a flexible, fully-featured system, with multiple options available to expand its usage and configurations.

VuPoint offers a choice of two Intel processors 1.8GHz Dual Core Atom D525 or 1.1GHz Celeron Dual Core 847E and multiple connections as well as optional accessories for telephony handsets, card readers, and barcode scanners.

The fan-less touchcomputer is built to comply with technical standards for the safety, essential performance and effectiveness of medical electrical equipment.

A drip-proof, easy-to-clean screen offers protection f

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