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Eaton 5125 The Powerware 5125 provides advanced power management for PCs workstations and servers.

Available in both rack-mount and tower configurations the Powerware 5125 is the most flexible UPS in the 1-3 kVA power range.

Featuring capabilities often found in higher kVA units the 5125 has load segments which enable scheduled shutdowns and local shedding and offers advanced communications with Powerware's complete power management Software Suite for extensive control and monitoring.

The 5125 features Powerware's Advanced Batery Management Plus (ABM Plus) which doubles battery service life critical to maximizing system availability.

ABM Plus also minimizes recharge time and provides up to 60 days notification when the batteries are approaching the end of their useful life.

When alarm notification indicates the end of battery life is near the bater

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Discontinued Product Models

Part Number Description Price Cart 05146639-5591 Eaton (05146639-5591) Powerware 5125 [48V EBM 1500/2200 Tower, ROHS and Powerware Logo] Please Call $409.36 In stock TotalBarcode.com See Product 103003611-5591 Eaton (103003611-5591) Powerware 5125 [5000] Please Call $2,694.73 In stock TotalBarcode.com See Product 05146629-5591 Eaton (05146629-5591) Powerware 5125 [1000VA Line-Interactive UPS-Tower Model and RoHS] Please Call $465.37 In stock TotalBarcode.com See Product 05146635-5591 Eaton (05146635-5591) Powerware 5125 [2200VA Line-Interactive UPS Tower - RoHS Version] Please Call $939.73 In stock TotalBarcode.com See Product

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