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Dotworkz D2 Tornado

Dotworkz D2 Tornado The revolutionary D2 outdoor camera housing system is now available with a High-Flow blower option.

The Tornado D2 provides needed air flow circulation around the enclosed camera and sensitive hardware, significantly reducing hotspot buildup when temperatures heat up.

The Tornado D2 is ideal for milder climates where temperature extremes are rare but thermal protection is required.

The Tornado operates at a max of 4 watts.

The Tornado D2 delivers 20 CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) air movement where it's needed most to keep cameras and components within their safe operational temperature range.

In addition, the polycarbonate thermal plastic compound provides maximum IR reflection.

Inside a reflective thermal blanket provides heat and EMI shielding for year-round peak performance.

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Product Models

Part Number Description Price Cart D2TRMVP Dotworkz (D2TRMVP) D2 Tornado Enclosure $617.40 $617.40 In stock TotalBarcode.com Add To Cart

Discontinued Product Models

Part Number Description Price Cart D2-TR-MVP-T Dotworkz (D2-TR-MVP-T) D2 Tornado Dual Blower Enclosure [with Multi Volt] Please Call $606.63 In stock TotalBarcode.com See Product

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