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Dotworkz D2 Heater Blower

Dotworkz D2 Heater Blower The Dotworkz D2 environmental housing sets the industry standard for design excellence in camera protection from the rigors of outdoor use, vandalism and physical damage.

To offer this superior performance in a cost-effective, all-weather package, Dotworkz has incorporated its proven Heater/Blower system into the D2 architecture.

It is ideal in weather conditions ranging from 30degrees F (-1degrees C) to 95degrees F (35degrees C), where it will maintain PTZ cameras at optimal operating temperature.

Excessive cold and heat could potentially damage sensitive IP and analog cameras.

To combat the cold, the unit's heater automatically activates at 40degrees F (4degrees C) and deactivates at 60degrees F (15degrees C) with a thermal cut-off assuring safe heating operation.

The blower remains on at all time, keeping cameras cool and fog free.


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Part Number Description Price Cart D2-HB-MVP Dotworkz (D2-HB-MVP) D2 Heater Blower Enclosure $513.99 $513.99 In stock TotalBarcode.com Add To Cart

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Part Number Description Price Cart CP-D2-HB-MVP Dotworkz (CP-D2-HB-MVP) D2 Heater Blower Camera Multi Volt Platform Fiber Solution Please Call $2,098.70 In stock TotalBarcode.com See Product

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