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Adtran T1 CSU ACE

Adtran T1 CSU ACE Interface T1 DTE equipment to Telco-provided or private T1 facility Transparently passes signal format and line coding T1 line conditioning and jitter tolerance per ANSI T1.403, T1.102, and AT&T TR 62411 Supports framed (B8ZS or AMI) or unframed signal formats Transmits unframed -all 1s- during signal loss from DTE or T1 network Front panel status LEDs and bantam test jacks Unit is 12 - 48 VDC powered via AC Wall Adapter (included) Desktop or wallmount via keyholes in housing
Manufacturer: Adtran Category: telcom Tags: Data Networking, WAN

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Part Number Description Price Cart 1203022L1 Adtran (1203022L1) T1 CSU ACE 3rd Gen [T1 Channel Service Unit used for interfacing CPE equipment to a T1 line. Powered by 12 - 48VDC. AC to 12 VDC wall plug included w/ unit. Unit is transparent to ESF and B8ZS. New housing with LEDS on front of unit and interfaces on rear of unit. Must be ordered and shipped in multiples of 4] Please Call $406.99 In stock TotalBarcode.com See Product

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