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Description: Manufacturer: Honeywell Product Line: PF4,HALF DOOR,UNIV FW,DT, 203DPI Part Number: PF4ID01100000021 , PF4ID01100000021, , MSRP: $2,090.00 Discount: ($522.50)
You Save: 25%
Please Call $1,567.50 In stock TotalBarcode.com 1 > > PF4,HALF DOOR,UNIV FW,DT, 203DPI
This item has special requirements that require the assistance of a sales representative. Please call 1-877-664-4157 for assistance.
*The displayed image is for the Honeywell PF4,HALF DOOR,UNIV FW,DT, 203DPI product line and may not be the exact image of the PF4ID01100000021 Honeywell PF4,HALF DOOR,UNIV FW,DT, 203DPI
Smart, strong and secure, the compact PF4i industrial bar code printer meets the need of mission-critical applications. Its multiple interfaces, secure wireless connectivity (WPA2), CCX and WiFi certification, and support for IPv6 ensure easy integration and long-term scalability. Stand-alone Smart Printing eliminates PC costs and complexity, and enables quick ROI.

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