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Hubport/4c+ (Compact USB to 4-Port Powered USB Hub) - (301-1157-01)

Hubport/4c+ (Compact USB to 4-Port Powered USB Hub) Description: Hubport/4c+ (Compact USB to 4-Port Powered USB Hub) Manufacturer: Digi Product Line: Digi USB Plus Series Part Number: 301-1157-01 Hubport/4c+ (Compact USB to 4-Port Powered USB Hub), 301-1157-01, Server, Accessory MSRP: $272.00 Discount: ($28.09)
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*The displayed image is for the Digi Digi USB Plus Series product line and may not be the exact image of the 301-1157-01 Digi Digi USB Plus Series
USB peripheral devices such as bar-code scanners, receipt printers and signature capture devices are common elements of traditional retail/POS systems. Many of these devices require external power supply bricks, which can create a tangled mess of cables and power strips. This takes up valuable space and creates more potential points of failure. USB PlusPower, or powered USB technology, was developed to eliminate external power supply bricks for USB devices. Its unique cabling allows USB devices to receive power from the PC instead of external power supplies. Migrating to USB PlusPower devices traditionally required a specialized, expensive retail system. Digi International developed the USB Plus Series to make it easy to connect powered USB peripheral devices to a basic PC. Available in compact hub and card solutions, the USB Plus Serie

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