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Hubport/7 (7-Port Switched USB Hub) - (301-1010-07)

Hubport/7 (7-Port Switched USB Hub) Description: Hubport/7 (7-Port Switched USB Hub) Manufacturer: Digi Product Line: Digi Hubport Part Number: 301-1010-07 Hubport/7 (7-Port Switched USB Hub), 301-1010-07, Server, Accessory MSRP: $174.00 Discount: ($0.53)
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This item has special requirements that require the assistance of a sales representative. Please call 1-877-664-4157 for assistance.
*The displayed image is for the Digi Digi Hubport product line and may not be the exact image of the 301-1010-07 Digi Digi Hubport
Hubport offers a simple solution for adding Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports to a PC, server or thin client. This external, user installable solution plugs into an existing USB port to provide four or seven additional USB ports. Use the Hubport to connect USB peripheral devices to your system, or stack and power additional Edgeport and Rapidport units to meet ever-changing I/O connectivity needs.

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